What are KMR[SPM] – Short Pipe Modules

The new pipeline installed using the shortlining or burstlining method consists of short pipe modules made of thick-walled PVC-U pipes with a solid wall. The total length of each module is 58 centimeters, and they can be successively connected inside typical DN1000 or DN1200 manholes.

KMR [SPM] pipe modules are available in diameters from 160 mm up to 630 mm. They are manufactured of PVC-U pipes with standard diameters and a ring stiffness of at least 8 kN/m2 (heavy type). The connection of socket and spigot end fits into the thickness of the pipe wall and thus the external and internal diameter of the assembled pipeline is constant over its entire length. The tightness of the modules connections is ensured by rubber seals. The appropriate design of the spigot and socket of the module ensures the tightness of the connection even with angular deflections of up to 3°. Standard diameters of pipe modules allow them to be connected with typical sewer socket fittings (T-pieces, elbows, reductions, bases of the inspection chambers, etc.).

Due to the connection system of pipe modules, they can only be used for trenchless renovation, replacement or construction of non-pressure pipelines: sewers, stormwater or combined sewerage system as well as technological pipelines.

Short pipe modules for shortlining

* total length is 0.58 m
** upon request

Short pipe modules for bursting, drilling etc.

* total module length is 0.58 m
** using a rod winch


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