Burstlining KMR

Trenchless sewer replacement using the burstlining method (also known as pipe cracking or crushing) in the KMR system consists in crushing the old pipeline and pushing its fragments together with the surrounding soil to the sides by means of a special head pulled through the sewer with the use of a winch and at the same time pulling a new sewer – successively assembled from short pipe modules behind the head. The modules may have the same nominal diameter as the old duct (in this case we speak of calibration bursting; rope winches are used in this case) or may be one or two dimentions larger (in this case rod winches are used; work involving these must be carried out by experienced contractors). Due to the length of the pipe modules, they are joined together inside the manhole. The winches are also compact and fit inside typical manholes. This allows work to be carried out without the need for excavations. Experience has shown that up to 50 metres of sewer per day can be replaced using this method Once the work is complete, the new pipe made up of pipe modules fully assumes all the functions of the old sewer – it is self-supporting and ensures the required hydraulic capacity and complete tightness.


The KMR burstlining method can be used to replace pipelines with large dislocations, cracks and deformations. However, the sewer must be unobstructed in order to allow the winch cable to be pulled through or the rod to be pushed through.


As a result of the application of calibration burstlining we obtain a hydraulic effect similar to the results of CIPP renovation. However, when using the burstlining method, the pipe crushing head destroys the shape imperfections of the old canal (e.g. deformation of cracked pipes, etc.) and thus the new canal is characterised by a constant cross-section and even bottom along its entire length. In addition, the low fixed costs of this technology make calibration burstlining worth considering as an alternative method to sewer CIPP renovation.

Burstlining gallery - cable winch

Burstlining gallery - pole winch

Burstlining by KMR Gdynia


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